About Me

Who am I? Of course I could write about passion, experience, flexibility, professional camera, lens … And it would be true. What is more, it would be true for many wedding photographers. Today, in the photographic industry, trends and technologies are changing rapidly. I believe in life-long learning, so every year I follow new solutions and styles so that you liked my photos more and more. I continuously observe changes and improve my skills to be able to make my ideas reality. I travel a lot and do photo sessions in many different places in Europe, as I believe that various cultural contexts and natural landscapes make a difference and create the style of photographs.

Photos, that you can see in my portfolio wouldn’t come true without mutual trust, thread of understanding and friendly relations with clients. Not everyone works as a model, not everyone likes seeing him/herself in the pictures, but probably everyone would like to. The recipe for my success is to know your expectations, listen to you carefully, understand you and have the ability to guide you at the photo shoot so that you feel comfortable, show your emotions and have fun! Through the lens I can capture even what is not seen “with the naked eye.”

Personally I’m an expressive and emotional person, I like long walks and good food. I’m also Italy lover and often go there to admire the unique style, atmosphere and way of life. The cities and life on the streets are the most fascinating for me. In addition I have to say that I’m a big fan of craft beer!